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Issue 02: Water

Issue 02: Water was published in 2021.


Jody Haines
Ellen van Neervan
Amaara Raheem
Chantelle Mitchell
Ender Başkan
Izzy Brown
Craig McGrath
Timmah Ball.

Works in the issue explores notions, metaphors and qualities of water, through poetic, essayistic & photographic investigations. 


Water was edited by Josephine Mead & Christine McFetridge.

Lovingly designed by artist and designer Rebecca McCauley, the printed artefact draws from features of water, such as its fluidity and the ways it reflects light. The issue includes an opaque paper dust jacket that gives the impression of looking through water. Additionally, the colour combination, gold and pink, was a deliberate decision to avoid too direct a comparison to waterways, and is instead a reference to other colours present within the landscape: algae, clay and silt.

Issue 02: Water was possible thanks to generous support from Yarra City Arts through City of Yarra, Brodriggy Brewing Co, Bookshop by Uro and Collingwood Yards.

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